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Termite Inspection Brisbane

Termites may go undetected for long periods time. In fact, a termite inspection and proactive treatment are the only ways to ensure that your home is free of termites. 

While looking for termites, if there are certain clear indicators of a termite infestation, it's always a good idea to see a professional termite inspector. As termite inspection does not only save your money in the long run, but would also protect and most importantly prevent your house or company against termite infestations.

If you have questions and queries, please contact on +61 403 404 767

Termite Inspection Services Our Experts Offer


A thorough investigation of your home's exterior and interior is required for a successful termite inspection. The following steps are included in the inspection process: 


  1. Our termite control professionals will inspect your roof void for any termite nests that may be next to joists or foundation cracks where termites may enter from the outside. 

  2. The termite inspector will look for signs of infestation and termite invasion in the sub-floor beneath the property. 

  3. Thoroughly check window frames for termite droppings or damage to wood siding, fascia boards, gutters, and drainpipes, as well as external walls for possible termite intrusion. 

Termites can pose a risk of structural damage to homes near some high-risk areas, such as under decks, landings, around tree root systems, and a range of other locations, therefore our comprehensive termite inspection will detect those active infestations.  

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