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Building & Pest Inspections Brisbane

If you’ve found the perfect home, yet feeling a little hesitant to sink so much money into your purchase, join the crowd. It’s natural to feel a bit of anxiety over such a large purchase. But part of that anxiety comes from not knowing the condition of that home.

Building and pest inspections take most of that risk out of the equation, freeing you to evaluate the home on its other merits—location, number of rooms, floor plan, and amenities.

If you have questions and queries, please contact on +61 403 404 767

Before you make an offer, call Sunshine Pest Control to arrange for a building and pest inspection. Pest and building inspections are well worth the time and money.

  • Professional pest inspections identify hidden insect and rodent infestations, as well as the damage they have already caused.

  • Pre-purchase pest inspections can save you money and grief when you buy a new home or business building.

  • Pre-purchase building inspections identify hidden structural problems that could mean huge repair bills in the future.

  • Pre-sale building and pest inspections can help you get top dollar for your property.

  • Regular pest inspections keep your real estate investment safe and sound.

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