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Termite Baiting Systems Brisbane

A termite bait system is one of the most effective and safest types of termite protection. Humans and pets are unaffected by these termite baits, but termites are eliminated. Because the active ingredient is primarily effective against insects, it will not harm the birds or other wild animals you want to have in your garden.  

Active termites would be detected in the termite bait station, they dry out or are eaten by predators since they are no longer sheltered from the environment. Depending on the size of the colony, the termite species, and the time of year, the colony will typically be gone in six to twelve weeks. 

If you have questions and queries, please contact on +61 403 404 767

A highly effective method of preventing termites from consuming your home or office from the inside out would be preventing them from eating wood.  

As The bait softens the insects’ mouth and becomes the only food termites can consume.  


​Only an inspection by a highly skilled and certified termite inspector can advise if a bait treatment right for your property, as the layout of the land and the architecture of the properties vary, while a termite bait treatment may be the best option for one home, a barrier treatment may be a great choice for the other house.  

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