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About Us

Many years of cleaning and pest control experience


Sunshine Cleaning and Pest Control provides comprehensive cleaning & pest control services with high quality and reliable solutions as one-stop service to domestic, commercial, corporate, industrial and residential clients. Our work ethic is central to Sunshine Cleaning and Pest Control.

We believe in delivering consistent and quality services. We pride ourselves on making our Brisbane area clean, healthy, breathable and livable. We have not seen any cleaning & pest control company in Australia or around the world getting much more attention, but we always do our best to achieve meritorious appeal by society we live with.


√ Work 100% Guaranteed
√ Fully insured
√ Brisbane-wide service

Our Mission

One and only one mission is to provide best cost effective cleaning services to commercial, corporate and residential properties and other environments, with accurate pest control solutions.

Our Vision

One and only one vision is to make our Brisbane city clean, healthy, breathable and livable by providing cleaning and pest control solutions.

Our Values

Customer’s satisfaction is always our top priority!  

● Customer Oriented

 We always look for valuable feedback from our customers, and we always keep learning from them.

● Eco-Friendly Oriented

We always choose the best and effective eco-friendly cleaning products that give perfect results.

● Vision Oriented

We never forget our vision, we always review ourselves as a company and work in the right direction with focused mind and vision.

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